Code of Ethics
All individual members of INCAS are required to conduct their professional activities in accordance with the laid down code of ethics and abide by the rules and regulations thereon.


A member of INCAS shall conduct himself/herself with integrity and dignity in his dealings with the public, customers, employers, employees and fellow professionals. He shall maintain high standards of personal conduct.

Ethical Leadership

A member shall interact transparently with a diverse range of colleagues and competitors and lead ethically in a dynamic context with distinction.

Professional Competence

A member of INCAS shall act with competence and shall strive to maintain and improve his/her analytical, technical and functional skills. He/she shall strive to develop professional competence through continuous learning and upgrading skills to suit the ever growing needs of the organization. He/she shall organize information that is vague and unstructured, leading in turn to accurate understanding of problems and generation of creative solutions.

Professional Independence

A member shall use proper care and exercise, independent judgement and discretion in all his/her professional activities.

As a member of the Society, the alumnus gets to stay in touch with his/her fellow alumni, is able to keep track of different gatherings, has access to discounts for publications and book journals and also get good career opportunities.