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Brand Portfolio Management

Brand Portfolio Management - Concepts and Applications

Edited by : K Suresh

The basic principle in designing a brand portfolio is to maximize market coverage so that nopotential customers are being ignored, but to minimize brand overlap so that brands are not competing among themselves to gain the same customers approval. - Kevin Lane Keller......more

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry - An Introduction

Edited by : V Partha Sarathy

Human mind has always entertained itself since the time immemorial. From the paintings of the cave man to the karaoke of new age, it has always found expression to its hidden desires and talents. Entertainment simply put is having fun or creating anew the self within one......more

Talent Magnets

Talent Magnets - How to Recruit and Retain the Best

Edited by : Nasreen Taher

Human capital forms a vital part of an organization even in the market driven economy and high-tech age. The most frequently faced challenge by the companies operating in the global economy is the management of radical changes in technology and work environment. How to cope with this has not been appropriately addressed......more

Soft Skills for Success

Soft Skills for Success

Edited by : G R K Murty

Amongst the countless creations, man is the most marvelous. Phidios and Sophocles considered human beings as Nature?s masterpiece......more

Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity Endorsements- Perspectives and Cases

Edited by : K Suresh

Becoming a celebrity is not easy. It calls for sustained and disciplined efforts in a profession and acquiring skills to excel in the chosen field. Once the status is achieved, leveraging that fame outside the profession, however, comes effortlessly......more

US Banking

US Banking - Emerging Trends

Edited by : Katuri Nageswara Rao

United States of America, the most wealthiest nation in the world has a strong, stable andprofitable banking system......more

IT Initiatives in Rural India

IT Initiatives in Rural India

Edited by :Jaya Simha K R .Veena
Yamini B

In the ICT era, development sans the right technological support seems inconceivable. With technological advancement moving at a rapid pace, the developed nations in the world have created their competencies by harnessing technology for their benefits......more

Chinese Economy Issues and Perspectives

Chinese Economy Issues and Perspectives

Edited by : N Janardhan Rao

During the last two decades, China?s economy witnessed a remarkable transition. Chinese economy, home to 1.3 billion people has been expanding at the rate of more than 8% annually since 1980......more

CRM in Telecom Concepts and Cases

CRM in Telecom Concepts and Cases

Edited By : N M Shanthi

Telecommunications is one of the prime support services needed for rapid growth of any developing country. Telecommunications is one of the fastest developing sectors in India......more