INCAS Chapter Guidelines

Aim & Objectives:

Set up solely for professional purposes and not for purposes of profit. , the Society seeks:

  • To organize and develop the profession of Managers based on sound professional practices and an accepted code of professional ethics.
  • To work in close liaison with The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India and the INC with respect to the Certification programs and other continuing education programs meant for the benefit of the Managers
  • To conduct and sponsor seminars, conferences, executive development programs and other continuing education programs meant for the benefit of the Managers.
  • To establish vocational and employment guidance centers aimed at creating and disseminating knowledge and improving professional practice of Managers.
  • To publish journals, magazines, newsletters, books, monographs etc. for dissemination of knowledge among the Managers.
  • To promote the common interests of the members of the society
  • To promote social , educational and cultural activities
  • To do everything necessary or expedient to promote the above objectives.


The total strength of CEC will be either nine or eleven members. Those members will elect the office bearers to the following positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint-Secretary and Treasurer.

At the Chapter level, INCAS activities are carried out under the guidance of the Chapter Executive Committees (CEC) located at the respective INC campuses. The CEC consists of the members who are registered in the particular Chapter. CEC will keep communicating with all the members in their vicinity, will take initiative for all alumni meets, seminars, reunions, lateral placements, guest lectures and other activities specific to the individual Chapter.

CEC has an important role to play, in the growth of the alumni community. In case of any important events, the onus of communication lies with CEC. The CEC members are also the best judges in terms of creating events for fun and frolic, learning and networking, as they themselves are a part of the target audience.

The CEC is the guiding force for the growth and functioning of the alumni community. The committee also contributes to the growth of the institution by providing first-hand feedback.

On the other hand, INCAS at Headquarters, undertakes centralized activities like conferring INCAS membership on INC graduates, creating and updating the membership directory, establishing and coordinating INCAS chapters, and establishing systems for standardizing the services rendered to members across INCAS Chapters.

Meetings of the Chapter Executive Committee:

The Chapter Executive Committee shall meet once in a quarter. Quorum consists of seven members and they will hold a meeting of the committee. The members of the committee shall not be paid the sitting fee for attending the meetings of the committee.

The Chapter Executive Committee shall elect the following office-bearers from among the committee every year.
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Joint-Secretary
  • Treasurer

The president shall act as a Chairman of the CEC and conduct the meetings and preside over the Annual General Meeting and other meetings of members.

In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside over such meetings.

Secretary will be the coordinator for all alumni related matters. He will ensure the implementation of all the decisions taken in the CEC meeting.

Joint-Secretary will be a support to the secretary in all the dealings.

Treasurer will maintain the accounts and expenses relating to the funds allocated to chapters by INCAS (HQ).

Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct:

The members of the society shall be bound by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct as approved by the INCAS Board and adopted in the Annual General Meeting. Any revisions will have to be approved by the committee and adopted in the next Annual General Meeting

Accounts and Funds

  • Accounting Year: The Accounting year of the Society shall be from 1 April to 31 March of every year.
  • Funds: The funds of the Society shall be sent only for attainment of the objective of the Society and no portion there of shall be either directly or indirectly transferred or paid to any of the members through any means.


The members of the Chapter Executive Committee and other officers, employees of the society shall be indemnified by the Society against any liability and it shall be the duty of he CEC to pay out of funds of the Society all costs and losses and expenses including traveling expenses incurred by the officers and nominees of the society whilst discharging their duties.