A Magical Mirror: Showing Our Imperfections.
Batch : 2005-2007
Program : MBA
Center : INC-Bikaner

A Magical Mirror: Showing Our Imperfections


Evident, Universal and known to all that “Nobody is perfect in this world”. Everyone has some or other imperfections within. This is how nature works; it does not give everything to everyone. And it’s a hard fact that we cannot learn everything being a human, but at the same time, there is always a scope of learning and improving. We cannot learn everything but can learn a bit from everything!!! We need to rectify or rather improve our imperfections as much as possible, to be able to achieve all round success in life. The problem is that we never take pain to find imperfections within, in spite of knowing the fact that “nobody is perfect”. That clearly means that we know that we also have some flaws within as others have. But, we forget all this in our daily busy routine. We just fell busy being run behind the success we achieve in our respective fields, which unfortunately is the incomplete success.                                    

Our imperfections make our success an incomplete one as it lays an awful effect on our personality and without letting us know, could make various dealings amongst the people around us. It could hurt someone, could irritate some, could make someone cry, could make someone discourage and many more. Our imperfections do it all without our conscious effort, so they must be rectified.

However before rectifying those, we first need to find out those. Our relatives, friends, acquaintance might tell us about our major imperfections but they would never show us the true picture about our minor imperfections, up to some extent our parents try to make us aware of that but we are used to of taking them flippantly. It’s a fact that most of us listen more to outsiders than our parents.

Now, the question arises that who is going to tell us about our imperfections or how would we get to know about these? What’s the way to locate these? Here’s a answer for the above, there is a magical mirror I came across with, which shows all our imperfections. Now, you must be thinking that what’s this magical mirror is??  And from where can you buy or own it? No, you need not to buy it from anywhere, its just there right with you all. Yes, we all have it. Its just that we never realize of having such a magical mirror showing every weakness of ours.

 Its nothing but Our Inner Soul. This soul mirror shows it all. Whenever we see ourselves in a mirror, we just notice about imperfections in our outer appearance. We never attempt to look beyond that, deeper within. Even if, some of us had tried to do so, this normal mirror would have never showed the deeper insight. The only mirror is our inner Soul.  Look within!... The secret is right  inside you. We just need to look inside ourselves and a clear picture of our imperfections would be there. Introspection is the element which allows us to see inside ourselves. We never tend to analyze ourselves and without this we would never know about our minor imperfections. Our habit of manipulating, resilience, dishonesty, short temperament, hiding of truth, improper time management, lethargy, low will power, accepting unhygienic living, disrespect towards elders and many more are few imperfections on which we usually don’t work upon or even we don’t about them. Even if known, we try to ignore these. When this process of ignoring gets prolonged, we just start forgetting about such imperfections inside. Simply b’coz ignoring means that we have just stopped looking at our soul, our Conscience keep on warning us but we continue moving ahead to at least secure our incomplete success. We have this fear of getting left behind from others, so we don’t have this habit of stopping ourselves. And why we don’t develop this habit as we clearly know that our soul/conscience would never permit us to do what we are doing in this selfish utterly world.

Make a habit of stopping yourself for a while; analyze your actions u did in a day. Give yourself 10 minutes everyday, introspect and evaluate yourself with closed eyes in a serene place at your home. As you start practicing this process with a clean heart, you would definitely be able to talk with your soul, you would see images appearing right in front of you as you see images in any mirror, showing your malfunctioning. By and large, we don’t find any imperfections within as we have a human tendency of finding out mistakes or imperfections in others. Whenever any situation of failure occurs, we just straight away point out the finger on others without knowing the fact that when we point out a finger on someone, the rest three fingers remains pointing on us only. So never point out anyone before analyzing self.

Remember, An unexamined life is not worth living. Be a better human and try to improve your imperfections with the help of this magical mirror. Develop a personality helping you achieve success in every facet of life and be a Winner.



                                                                                                            -Krishan Modi

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